Kind Words from Our Brides and Grooms

“We celebrated our 25th wedding anniversary with Fairy Tao and it was absolutely beautiful. They dit it exactly the way, we liked it to be. Elaine and her Team are able to feel what is right just for the persons they plan for. Our ceremony could not be planned better. We did not want to have to much, we liked a very simple but personal thing. They did a special Hindi thing, a sand ceremony for us. It was amazing and we are absolutely thankful to Elaine and her Team. If you want to have a romantic spot and a great personal wedding, we can really recommend a Fairy Tao Wedding!” – September 16, 2018

Oliver Krautwurst

“Our experience of A Fairy Tao Wedding is easy to describe: it was absolutely fantastic! The service provided was very personal, committed and thought through. Elaine and Winnie and their crew at A Fairy Tao Wedding gave us exactly the wedding we wanted. The continuous communication and always-at-hand kind of approach from the team gave us a sense of security and calm that we appreciated very much.

Regarding the ceremony, it took place at the Eagle Nest Villa at the Sai DaengResort and it was nothing short of magical. The scenery was amazing and the ceremony was entirely private – just as we had wanted it. We are so grateful for helping us pick the right venue and making it look and feel just as we had imagined in our dreams (or, in fact, even better!).

We would not hesitate a second to recommend A Fairy Tao Wedding to anyone dreaming of getting married on the beautiful island of Koh Tao. You will no doubt get an unforgettable memory and an amazing wedding.” – April 8, 2018

Daniel and Martina (married in Koh Tao March 2018).

Daniel Hult

“The wedding that Elaine put together for us was on point with the image in our heads that we had about our special day. Communication with her was easy as a breeze and she knew exactly the right questions to ask us to give us our dream wedding.
Ours was a “Just the two of us” wedding and I would recommend A Fairy Tao planners for anyone who is looking for a romantic and intimate ceremony.
A special thanks to the photographer and the celebrant who made our wedding unforgettable by giving us memories to last a lifetime.
And we give our biggest gratitude to Elaine for giving us a wonderful experience that we will always cherish.” – October 12, 2018

Andres Mäesaar

“Big thanks to Elaine and her Team. We really had the wedding of our dreams at the Haadtien Resort on Koh Tao. We experienced an intimate wedding with a monk ceremony there. It was really amazing and perfectly organized. Elaine made our day very special and unforgetable with her heartwarming personality. From the first moment we‘ve met her we felt to be in good hands, comfortable and immediately got the feeling that we have made the right decision. We had funny moments, big emotions and our perfect wedding we will never forget. The service provided was very personal and thought through and absolutely overwhelming. We definetly can recommend afairytao wedding!” – October 3, 2018

Nicole Goldmann

“Our experience with A FairyTao Wedding was absolutely wonderful! Our event planner Elaine was very friendly, personable, mindful of our budget and kept in contact with us constantly through email and WhatsApp whilst planning our dream wedding on the beach. If we had any questions or wanted to touch base about wedding choices or changes Elaine was there in a heartbeat with valuable opinions and ideas. Not only was Elaine a huge help and super personable but the rest of her event team as well – Winnie and Monique (our celebrant) who also helped out with the ceremony and even during our wedding photos on how to pose etc. Monique was well spoken and tied our love story into the ceremony so well, she was also very informative with how the ceremony would be played out. We couldn’t have imagined our special day any better and it’s all thanks to the hard work from A FairyTao Wedding. Would highly recommend working with these lovely, talented individuals!!!” – September 25, 2018

Emily Johnson

“We were absolutely overwhelmed by the service and comittment from Elaine and her collegues. Everything turned out even better than we could have hoped for. If you are looking for very personal, professional and priceworthy help to arrange a wedding in a stunningly beautiful place: Don’t hesitate to contact A Fairy Tao Wedding!” – April 8, 2018

Martina Granström

“We have been fortunate to experience an amazing beach wedding at the help of Winnie. We got married twice, once at home and once on Koh Tao. Winnie was always communicative by email, whatsapp and Skype so there was no issue with the distance. The Koh Tao experience was amazing because Winnie did everything, literally everything from picking us up and organising music, chairs, decorations, restaurant , beach license, makeup, flowers, ceremonial ideas like pouring two cups of sand into one (the wives love it) and don’t forget photographers and witnesses. The list of things you need it want is endless and Winnie does it all. And it’s all very well coordinated. The makeup artists come at and do hair and makeup and then the photographer comes too, to capture the moments. All to your hotel room.. then little flowers are delivered for matching bride and groom. These are small details but it’s always the small details that matter. She was even able to get rid of tourists who were in the background of our photos. Which was important to us. Highly recommended and still the first and best service on Koh Tao.” – February 21, 2018

James Thornton

“Merci Winnie et toute l’équipe pour ce mariage de rêves !!
Une organisation tant professionnelle qu’humaine ! Winnie et son équipe font en sorte que vous passiez un moment unique et magique en se chargeant de tous les détails, et le tout avec plein de douceur, d’humour, d’énergie et d’efficacité.
Des images et des souvenirs que nous garderons toujours en mémoire !
Merci pour tout ça !” – February 13, 2018

Marion Peuvrier

“Elaine, words cannot describe the magnificence of the event. Thank you so much for all you and your partner gave and did to make it a reality; it was the event of a lifetime. sincerely, Steve Tornes” – January 23, 2018

Steve Tornes

“We feel so fortunate to’ve been able to work with Elaine and Winnie from A FairyTao Wedding. Elaine especially made the entire process, and the day-of, absolutely seamless. We truly can’t thank them enough for all their effort and hard work. From our unique wedding favors to our difficult remote location, Elaine helped us to bring our dreams into a beautiful reality while remaining professional and personable.

They had wonderful contacts for both our photos and video with Anne-Sophie, and fun pre-wedding party at Maya Beach Cafe. We wish our music and sound system could have worked out slightly differently, but because of availability for live DJ’s, and the hotel rules for a beach wedding in a remote location, it left us a little wanting. However, Elaine did her absolutely best to work with what we had and the night was still beautiful!!

Overall, we had a total dream of a wedding, and would highly recommend A Fairy Tao Wedding for anyone considering getting married on Koh Tao!” – January 21, 2018

Heather & Karel Terra

“A very Professional and organized Wedding planner. For me as photographer – it was great to work together!” – October 2, 2017

Michael Geyer

“It was all perfect! We loved everything! We will remember this beautiful day forever ❤
Thank you so much Winnie, Elaine, Allyson and Ludovica!” – Alice Barilli



Alice Barilli

“Thanks Elaine for the great service. Even I just requested a smaller service than a wedding organization they really helped me. They organized a fantastic picnic baskets for me and my boyfriend on our anniversary.” – September 9, 2017

Karin Lonsing

“From the first moment we met Winnie, we knew she was the perfect person to plan our wedding! After all, if you meet for a quick introductory drink but then end up chatting until half 3 in the morning, then surely that’s a good sign?!

Winnie is professional and conscientious but simultaneously full of warmth and passion for her job. She made the whole experience COMPLETELY STRESS FREE for both of us; now what bride is ever lucky enough to say that?! It’s a testament to her talent. She is simply a SUPERWOMAN.

Winnie, Elaine and their team are amongst some of the most talented people I have ever met! They have connections with the most skilled chefs, make up artists, videographers, photographers, musicians and wedding celebrants on the island and we cannot thank you all enough for contributing to the LITERAL best day of our lives!

PS. My dad is a notoriously difficult man to please and yet, he could not stop singing Winnie’s praises for days after the wedding… and I don’t expect it to stop any time soon! lol THAT speaks volumes

Imagine your ideal, dream wedding… and ‘A FairyTao Wedding’ will take that and EXCEED your expectations by far.” –

Gemma Guetling

“Our biggest concern was probably the distance. First we didn’t feel that comfortable hiring someone who we haven’t really met and in the place we haven’t been. After talking to you on skype we felt more relaxed and in the end the whole experience was just amazing.

Our favourite part of the planning was the fact that we didn’t have to do much planning at all. You guys gave us all the suggestions and we just said what we want. Very easy.

If you want to have a wedding in amazing Thai island go to Koh Tao and hire A FairyTao Wedding planners. They were very helpful organising our wedding. Everything was super smooth for us. They also took care or us the whole time we stayed in Koh Tao giving us tips where to go and what to do.I’d like to thank you all for making our day unforgettable and wish you all the best. I hope we will be back very soon.” – July 18, 2017




Sayaka & Martin Smid

“In January 2016 we fell in love with this small magical island and we decided to get married there. After we came back to the cold and snowy Vienna, we found A FairyTao Wedding and after the first email we knew, that Winnie has to plan our wedding.

It was so easy to plan the wedding, we just had to decide which flowers, which colors and where we would like to celebrate your wedding. We booked the Villas Sabai Jai, and we decided to have our reception on that breathtaking terrace. Winnie planned the ceremony at San Daeng Beach, which is very close to the villas, and it was perfect – small, almost lonely and magical. Winnie recommended us Ed the chef and owner of Barracuda Bar. He is an amazing chef, the dinner was the most delicious dinner we ever had.

A few days before we arrived at Koh Tao there was a terrible monsoon, and it was not that easy to get from Chumpon to Koh Tao. We had to delay the wedding 2 days, but Winnie organized everything, and everything worked 2 days later. It was the best decision Winnie could make, two days later the weather was calm, the sun shined the whole day and at night there was that amazing full moon.Thank you all so much for everything, it was our dream come true.” – March 29, 2017
“Our biggest concern – we think it was rain and bad weather. Every time we plan things the weather is terrible on this day. And so it happened the days before our wedding, there was one of the worst monsoons in 20 years. No problem for Winnie and her team, she delayed our wedding 2 days and the weather was perfect.

Favorite part of the wedding – It was the simplicity. It was so easygoing. We just had a few Skype dates with Winnie, sent her some pictures and on our wedding day everything was perfect. It was the wedding we imagined in our dreams, Winnie is the real fairy at a fairy tao wedding.

Beside the fact that our best friends are more traditional than we are, the most of them were with us in Koh Tao. So they met Winnie and her team themselves and they said „we hope we can find a Winnie in Austria, when we plan our wedding“. So we think we would highly recommend Winnie everyone who plans to get married at Koh Tao.

We wouldn’t change a thing afterwords. We had our fairytale wedding on that magical island planned by the outstanding Winnie and her team. Allison, thank you for that charming wedding ceremony, it was like us and we felt so comfortable with you. Dmitri, thank you for our wedding pictures, which captured the magic and the happiness of our wedding day.” – May 11, 2017


Aline Kelkel

“With only about 2 months left ’till the wedding day we contacted A FairyTao wedding planners to help us find a location and help us with the setup. They did an excellent job in that short amount of time and we had almost a whole beach to ourselves prepped with a beautiful arch by the water and seating for 50 guests. They helped us with everything and more, and they really went out of their way to make sure everyone had a blast. With last minute notice they even got a hold of a guitar for the father of the bride to play during the reception. All this with a very reasonable price and we thought it was worth every penny. We feel really safe with recommending A FairyTao Wedding to everyone getting married on Koh Tao.” – May 9, 2017

Mattias and Hanna Sahlen

“Thanks to Winnie and the great team we had our dream wedding. Everything went smoothly and we and our family and friends were looked after at all times. The set up was more beautiful than we could have imagined. Organising a wedding abroad can seem stressful but with FairyTao Wedding you can leave your worries behind and enjoy your special day in full. Thanks again for our perfect day. It couldn’t have gone better.” – May 4, 2017

Linda Bousfield

“We’ve done nothing but sing your praises since we got back. It’s so incredibly personal, not ‘just a beach wedding ‘. So much more. Magical, everything we ever dreamed of. And even though there was only 4 of us, it didn’t matter. Would encourage anyone to do it the fairytao way 😊. I guess we felt a little uneasy trying to plan a wedding in a location we had never been to, didn’t really know the people we were talking to so felt nervous. But this all disappeared when we arrived and met Winnie and her team, nothing was too hard and everything felt laid back and in control.
Thank you so much for making our special day that much more special. Perfect in every way 😊” – April 5, 2017



Melina and Nick Walker

“We really enjoyed not knowing everything about the wedding in total!
This was our best day in our lives and to get married on a beach is just amazing!!!” – April 4, 2017

Anton Staffansson

“A FairyTao Wedding organized our wedding on the beach of Koh Tao. I can’t thank them enough for making all our dreams come true. We will never forget this day and we were always sure it would turn out how we wanted it to be. Thank you Winnie! ” – February 12, 2017

Sandra Bruckmann

“Amazing people who helped us in a thousand different ways to ensure we had a great day. We can not recommend them highly enough. Organized, friendly, thoughtful the list goes on and on. If you are considering getting married in Thailand you should definitely contact them.” – February 12, 2017

Nathaniel Rawson

“My favorite part of our wedding planning was that I did nothing 🙂 I just received from Winnie question what color I want, what flowers, what drink, what kind of food … for me it was incredibly simple, and therefore the whole wedding we really enjoyed this !!!

My greatest fear was …we arrive at Ko Tao and there will be no FairyTao Weddding 🙂 None of that has happened and everything was ready. Everything was absolutely amazing !!!

YES = do it with A Fairytale Wedding!!!  I’d recommend A FairyTao Wedding to our best friend. A Fairytale Wedding made our wedding perfect !!” – January 23, 2017

Barbora Maralikova

“Words can’t express how amazing our day was  With all your special touches. Thank you for making our day so special! Lots of great memories made ” – January 18, 2017


Heather Freeman

“The best part was the communication and friendliness of the wedding planner, ready to help, do and  give advise for every question we had!” – September 9, 2016

James Davies

“If you are having a destination wedding, I would strongly recommend hiring a wedding planner. Planning your wedding is meant to be fun and wonderful, but planning a destination wedding can be incredibly stressful. AFTW removed a huge portion of the stress and I was able to fly to Koh Tao confident that everything was under control – from ferries for my family and friends to the flowers in my bouquet to the lace wrappers for my cupcakes (and everything in between!). They did an absolutely outstanding job.

I enjoyed putting together Pinterest boards – it made it much easier to establish what I liked and wanted, and then convey these to AFTW (with pictures).

Being a real ‘details person’, my biggest concern was that, with the time difference/distance, my ideas wouldn’t be clearly conveyed and things would not be as I had hoped. The communication with AFTW was easy and consistent, with almost constant emails, a Skype chat, a meeting before the wedding etc. It all turned out exactly as I wanted.

Thanks again for everything!

Love from sunny Western Australia!” – September 5, 2016


Harriet Soderberg

“Our day turned out exactly as we’d both envisaged it.. although we had last minute running around to do as myself and bride had not yet made decisions on a few smaller things, Winnie and team took initiative and helped us make these decisions and action them. Our wedding was small but personal and lasted for 10 days, allowing us to truly spend quality and special time with our loved ones and friends. I truly believe that my Bride experienced her dream come true, I most certainly did…

Thank you to all staff at A FairyTao Wedding, I would not hesitate to recommend you to any and all looking for a complete package with a reliable team to deliver..

There would be very little to add as both our best friends were present to experience, first hand, at A FairyTao weddings ability to deliver an exceptional service and experience.

My biggest concern was the idea of dealing with a wedding organizer that is overseas and 7 hour time zone difference. Understanding that our wedding day is meant to be the best day of our lives.. what happened, was exactly that, our biggest and best Day came true.. not only did Winnie’s professionalism prove true to her track record but her experience in wedding planning showed us that Winnie and her team would go above and beyond, even on the 11th hour, to ensure that you and your guests have everything you need.

My favorite part? Wow that’s difficult to say.. I would probably say that our beach ceremony and décor was most certainly one of my best moments! I also thoroughly enjoyed planning the reception proceedings with all the great ideas and suggestions from the team at A FairyTao Wedding. ” – September 12, 2016


Cristina & Neil Claassens

“We would recommend A FairyTao Wedding to our best friend because this was such a memorable event and we are so pleased we chose this company to plan the best day of our lives! Thank you so much!! I would also like to add that Winnie our planner arranged all sorts of events for us including our stag and hen do with our best friends. She was fantastic! She even came diving with us. We both feel that we have made a long life friend. We hope our paths cross again soon. I would highly recommend pixy the photographer FairyTao have connections with!! He has a very vintage tone to his pictures which I personally love. He captured us naturally and I am happy to say all the pictures show how much we love one another. We are very happy with the photographs. Thank you so much!!!

Our biggest concern before hiring A FairyTao Wedding was the fact we were so far away to organise the event, we were concerned that it would be impossible to correspond with the time difference too. Luckily FairyTao kept us at ease with the updates and the wedding was stunning. It was just as I had imagined it to be. The flowers were absolutely stunning. The colour I chose was not a flower tone I had ever seen but they managed to get exactly what I wanted!! The dream of our wedding did come true, We couldn’t be happier. Our favorite part of your wedding planning was the fact we didn’t’ need to do too much. Everything was done for us. The colours of the flowers around the arch were stunning! The lay out was perfect! It was a stunning day and we couldn’t be happier with the service that was provided! Thank you so much.” – October 10, 2016

Emma & James Davies

“Winnie and her team from A Fairy Tao were so comprehensive and flexible in the planning of our wedding. In an often stressful time leading up to the big day- no request was too big or small for the girls. They made sure our day was unique and special, but went above and beyond in terms of making sure all our guests had an amazing holiday experience on Koh Tao and everyone was catered for throughout the week. Winnie is caring and compassionate about what she does, and is always friendly and easy to deal with. We will never forget our amazing wedding experience! xxx” Keith and Yumi – August 4, 2015

Keith & Yumi Milner

“Choosing to get married on a remote island in Thailand was a daunting decision to make but A Fairy Tao Wedding made it an easy process from start to finish.

This island meant so much to Steve and I and we were determined to spend our special day on the Island of Koh Tao where we first met.

This dream bought with it a number of obstacles which we easily over came with the daily guidance and support from the girls at A Fairy Koh Tao Wedding.

We will always be eternally grateful to the girls at A Fairy Koh Tao Wedding for giving us the most incredible wedding day and for holding our hands through the whole process.

I just wish we could do it all over again. xxxx” – April 4, 2015

Hannah Motzheim

“From the both of us, we would like to thank you, Winnie, Allison, Alena, and the staff for the memorable day. Thidawan enjoyed the flowers you had put in the room, it was a very nice touch 🙂 Many thanks, Valdi & Thidawan” – May 15, 2016

Thidawan & Valdi Rocha

“Winnie thank you so so much for everything. We had the most perfect day because of you. Thank you so much. It was an absolute pleasure meeting you and your team. What a perfect day! x” – May 3, 2016

“Heeey Winnie How are you? I’m so sorry  I have been useless and have meaning to tell you the biggest biggest thank you to your team and Ally. You are all so wonderful and totally exceeded my expectations. I have just been sent some pics but there are loads so I haven’t even looked through them yet lol.. We miss you all and can’t believe how quick it went.” – May 25, 2016

“Massive thanks to Winnie and her team at AFT wedding and the lovely Allison Dorsey for marrying us. Without Winnie and team none of this would have been possible! Winnie thank you for such a perfect wedding!” – May 27, 2016

Cristina Steven-Jennings

“Hey Winnie!!! Thank you so much for your messages. We are on the 3pm catamaran but leaving Palm Leaf at 12:30. I can’t thank you enough for all your efforts and planning and hard work. Your team and yourself are outstanding and we will be forever grateful. No word can describe how perfect you made out day! Yesterday was a write off and we didn’t get out of bed until 3pm lol..”

Neil Claassens

Was an amazing day and night, the staff were brilliant, and Winnie & her team were wonderful, can’t believe it has been and gone so quickly xx”

Lilly Davison

“Thank you very much for the amazing wedding!”


“I know I already said this, but really, REALLY thank you Winnie Wong and Allison Dorsey!!! Bisous” – March 18, 2016

Thank you Winnie Wong and team for our dream wedding!!!! Bises” – April 4, 2016

Maud Martin

Thank you all for being there with your services on our big day! You made all our dreams to the nicest fairytale, and Pixy was there to capture it all for the eternity. Polina made me shine like a princess! 😃 And Winnie with her team made all of this possible! 😍 The Norwegian church abroad is “Sjømannskirken” with office in Pattaya. And on top of everything else, we got a new lovely friend – you Winnie 💝” – February 13, 2016

“I will never forget that perfect day!! Thanks again for making my dream com true!!!” – March 8, 2016

Victoria Færestrand

“We had a magical and beautiful wedding day and both want to thank Winnie and her team so very much for everything!!!!! xo”

“Words can’t express how amazing our day was  With all your special touches. Thank you for making our day so special! Lots of great memories made ” – January 18, 2017


Heather Freeman

The most perfect day ever! I randomly text Mark this week and said ‘wasn’t our wedding awesome!’. Obviously he totally agreed. Thank you for being so chilled and letting some of that rub off on us xx”

Diana Kennedy

“The most perfect day ever ❤ ❤ <3”

Christine Klem

“We are absolutely so satisfied with our big day. And we have so much to thank Winnie for, our big dream became a wonderful fairy day! We will recommend A fairy Tao Wedding! It was very relaxing to have a wedding planner. When you live in Norway and planning your big day around Koh Tao in Thailand, everything is much easier when you have Winnie.” – August 2, 2015

Victoria Færestrand

“Absolutely fantastic, We cannot thank Winnie and her team enough for everything they did for us. Our wedding was perfect. We probably weren’t the easiest of customers but Winnie took everything in her stride, we couldn’t have been more relaxed or happier with the day….what a wonderful start to married life. Thank you ladies xxx” – July 28, 2015

Diana Stewart

Dear Winnie, we just wanted to say a HUGE thank you for being the most incredible wedding planner and making our dream wedding possible.  I don’t know what we could have done without you. Apologies again for all the questions and texts that went your way and thank you for putting up with us throughout it all! Big love, Cat & Steve xxx”

Catherine Adams

“Winnie, thank you for all your help, you were amazing!!! xx”

“Just wanted to THANK YOU for everything. It was truly magical!”

“Thank you for making it such a FANTASTIC day and making my dreams come true! xxx”

“What a special day! You guys made my dream a reality ❤ FOREVER grateful x” – April 14, 2014

Nkima De Faria

The flowers was amazing amazing Winnie!! and the food… & always in our deepest memories for ever.. Thank You xx” – August 14, 2014

“Thank you for the most amazing beach FairyTao wedding!! … salty kisses & sandy toes! most beautiful memories for eva-&-eva!!! =)” – August 19, 2014

Haniki Jacobs

“Winnie and her FairyTao team – Couldn’t thank you enough for the preparation you put in before the wedding day and everything you both did on the day to make it run smooth. I know there were things going on in the background with music problems etc but you all dealt with it behind my back and i wasn’t aware of any of it so had no stresses and you had it all sorted by the time i came down the isle. In my eyes the day was perfect, the beach set up was beautiful, it’s all thanks to the both of you. Also thanks to Haad Tien staff who were amazing, the lady who made our cakes, the florist and especially the makeup girls, they went above the call of duty at some stages (trying to get me into my dress) they were brilliant.
Ali, we couldn’t have asked for a better celebrant. We didn’t want a big fuss, just simple but romantic and your service was beautiful, I don’t think there was a dry eye on the beach! You are a beautiful person who loves ‘Love’ and that shines through when you speak. Everyone who spoke to you that day has said the same. Thank you for such a beautiful service and also thanks for humouring Jim (Blue Kamikazes)
Pixi and Nui– You had your work cut out. Trying to get two people who really don’t like the camera to pose and smile. Even though we felt uncomfortable you both worked really hard to make us try and relax and you couldn’t tell from the photo’s, we have hundreds of beautiful photo’s and the ones you chose for the album are just perfect. I love all the posed ones of me and Kev on the beach but some of my favourite have to be the ones you caught of people when they weren’t looking and they were just talking or laughing. It really captured the day, thank you so much.
Anyway, that was 20 minutes of remembering the paradise of Koh Tao and our perfect day – back to reality of work again now . Lots of love to you all, Donna and Kev xxxxx”

Donna Gillanders

I could not agree more Donna the day was made perfect by all of the hard work and preparation done by these wonderful people.xxxx”

Sheila Gillanders

“Well our big day came and went so fast but we could not have asked for anything more! A FairyTao Wedding you made it absolutely perfect for us from start to finish! It truly was the fairytale we hoped for. Thank you for your constant patience and the amount of contact you continually had with me, you are such a beautiful calm person and you made me feel so calm on the big day! I really believe you bent over backwards for us and for this we are forever grateful! We won’t forget you xxxxx”

Jill Smith

“I just want to say a HUGE thank you to Vici at A Fairytao Wedding for all her help organising my recent Koh Tao proposal. I decided to do something a little unconventional and propose to my man while we were on Koh Tao, and contacted Vici for advice and assistance as I had never been to Koh Tao and had no idea where to start! She was so generous with her time and assistance, organising in room massages, booking our diving excursions (which were fantastic, with Big Blue), offering to visit our hotel and researching day trips and flower options. Vici then checked in with me throughout our stay in Koh Tao to make sure everything was going well. The best bit..? He said YES! I was truly touched by your generosity and support Vici, and my Fiance loved it so much he suggested we get married on Koh Tao!”

Kari Bowling

“We want to thank you for organizing our big day with so much love for every detail. Everything was perfect and exceed all of our expectations. We both felt very very comfortable with you smile emoticon The setup of the wedding location was so beautiful, the flowers, the colours, the lanterns… we loved every little detail!
The decoration of our villa was also soooo wonderful!
Everyone who works with you was so professional and cool, ed from barracuda made such a great dinner, Ali is such a warm-hearted person and we are very lucky that she made our wedding so wonderful and unique.
Pixy and Nui we’re so professional and cool, the shooting made big fun and the pictures are great, they will always remember us on that great day! Thank you for beeing part of it!
Heather and Sopa were absolutely professional and made me feel like a bride on the wedding day!
Thank you very much for everything!!!


“Hi Vici! Tom and I just wanted to drop you a line to say how thankful we are that we found you and Paul to make our wedding day more perfect than we could ever have hoped for! Montalay Beach Resort was a perfect location, we’re so glad that you found it! It had awesome snorkelling right off the beach, there was a good mix of rooms for the guests (our room was extra amazing!), and we’re still drooling over the seafood bbq at the reception! I think Tanote Bay was a stunning backdrop to the ceremony – the attention to detail that you showed was great. I loved the walkway of petals lined by coconuts =) Ali was the perfect celebrant for us – she is bubbly, fun and easy going and created the exact right mood for a relaxed beachside ceremony. We really appreciated meeting up with you and Ali prior to the wedding day to run through everything. It really put us at ease. Pixy is a fabulous photographer and we had a great day with him doing our pre-wedding shoot on Sairee Beach. Pixy and Nui were very good at explaining poses to capture the perfect shots. Both the Sairee photos and our wedding day photos are fantastic! It was so great to be able to view them and put them on our hard drive only days after the wedding! Thanks for also organising a snorkeling trip exclusively for our guests, we had a great day visiting sights around the island. We also really appreciated you going to extra lengths to source coconut necklaces as gifts for our guests. It was lovely that you found the same place that Tom and I bought ours from 2 years earlier! Thanks for also hanging around for the ceremony and reception to make sure everything went smoothly – it was very reassuring knowing you were around just in case. We’ll miss everyone but we have so many happy memories and I’m sure we’ll be back soon enough!”

Sarah Cheyne

“Thank you so much Vici, Paul, Ali, pixy and all at Maya bar for a truly perfect day! Everything was amazing and we couldn’t have asked for more. Many many thanks xxx Simon and Lauren farrow xxx”

Lauren Farrow

“Ok so even thou we don’t think our wedding will now be on our fav island, I am just dropping by to let everyone know how amazing A Fairy Tao wedding have been….. Vic was there whenever I had a question and I had many!!!! She helped us out so much and I would advise anyone looking to get married here to look no further …. U have found your planner and wedding friend!!! Thanks again x”

Jodie Adams

Bex Pooley

“Vici and Paul, We cannot thankyou enough for organising our magical day. It was so beautiful and all through your visison and experience. Every detail was beautifully done. I still keep seeing all the small touches when I look through the pictures. Thankyou for making it so special. Pixy your photo’s captured every special part. You are an amazing photographer. Tanner at Maya, an amzing dinner and your staff were wonderful as well as the food. Thankyou for creating our menu. Of course the wonderful Ali who delivered a beautiful service which was so personal to me and Ed. Tiya for my wonderful hairstyle, Heather for make-up which stayed on the entire day and night and for the wonder sand sculpture. What a surprize. I cannot wait to see more magical weddings created by A Fairytaowedding. You guys are all amazing. Many thanks, Mr and Mrs O xxxx” – October 17, 2012

Vici, Paul, Alex, Pixy as well as the other people that help create evrey deatail that just surpasses expectation. You really do make people dreams come true! What a stunning young couple. Makes me so happy to these pics xxx” – July 14, 2013

Lisa Maria Orlowski

“Hey Toni and Vici, we just wanted to say thank you so much for all you have done to make our wedding day the most amazing day of our lives. Everybody simply had an amazing time. Ali was an amazing celebrant, Ad’s was amazing with the music and Toni was so good at getting everything in place. Simone and Sally did a great job with the hair and make up and Jane from Chram Churee was an absolute angel who helped us so much. We will be recommending you to all our friends and look forward to seeing you all when we come back in the very near future. All our love, Pat and Antonia Birt”

Patrick Birt

“We cannot thank you guys enough for our wedding that words simply don’t describe! I’ll try a few….awesome, magical, perfect! You guys rock….love u all xxxxx”

Brian Pooley

“Vici and Toni – THANK YOU so much for being so amazing! Toni, it was brilliant to meet you earlier this month and discuss all our wedding plans – we are so impressed with everything you and Vici have organised already! After meeting you, we are really not worried about anything anymore 🙂 Thanks again and cant wait to see you again in February!!!”

Antonia Nia

“Thank you for all of your help with the contacts and finding the flower shop! To any brides planning their wedding in Koh Tao, FairyTao Wedding Planners will really go out of their way to help you in any way they can down to last detail. Nice to have someone you can rely on to take care of everything!! Thanks!”

Megan Keisling Santos