Beach Wedding

Koh Tao is surrounded by turquoise water and sandy beaches. Needless to say, this is the reason we all fell in love in this paradise and choose to spend our most memorable day on this gorgeous island.

Private Villa Wedding

There are numbers of spectacular private villas that are excellent choices for average of 20-30 guests weddings. They offer amazing hilltop settings and panoramic view overlooking The Gulf of Thailand. You choose the view and location, we’ll arrange the rest of the wedding set up.

 Beach Resort Wedding

As Koh Tao is starting to become a much more family friendly destination, a list of unique beach resorts are well established on the island. We work closely with the management team of these venues to make sure your wedding plan is executed smoothly. Some of these resort honor special rate to A FairyTao Wedding. Please contact us for more detail.

Buddhist Blessing Ceremony

Marriage is consider a social occasion, rather than a religious one, with faith in the harmony of the couple. Traditional Buddhist blessing ceremony is a Thai cultural experience.

Thai Water Blessing Ceremony

We may add this Thai tradition to your special day even thought you are not religious. It is truly spiritual and meaningful.


Looking for a little extra element? We may add one of these additional unity ceremonies to your wedding as well.

  • Breaking of a Glass
  • Broom Jumping
  • Candle-Lighting Ceremony
  • Celtic Oath Stone
  • Hand Ceremony
  • Ring Warming Ceremony
  • Sand Ceremony
  • Seven Steps “Saptapadi” Ceremony
  • Truce Bell
  • Water Ceremony
  • Wine Ceremony