To help you decide on “Why Koh Tao?”, we would love to share one of our favorite videos of this paradise. There’s no travel blog, article, or photo can describe this island better. A FairyTao Wedding is proud to have created so much wedding memories on many of these beaches you’ll see on this video.

Video “4K Koh Tao: Up In The Air” produced by our talented friend Andreas Gutierrez Fiskeseth / Aquatic Images Koh Tao
(Highly recommended to view video in HD quality)

A FairyTao Wedding also suggests “Koh Tao: a Complete Guide“. It is a quarterly updated travel guide published on the island, which is an excellent source of helpful information about Koh Tao.

KOH TAO : a Complete Guide is the result of the combined effort and cooperation of a local person together with non-locals both Thai and foreign. We are from different hometowns and backgrounds, but we all fell in love with Koh Tao, this place we now call our beloved home. With our love of Koh Tao, we would like to share our passion of this island to travelers by creating this comprehensive guide to assist you in exploring the island and to bring ease and convenience during your stay here.” Ekapon Krobtong, one of our local friends, the editor and a brilliant photographer who creates these impressive photos on the site.

Getting to Koh Tao: Koh Tao Complete Guide: Getting To Koh Tao

Now, can you imagine saying “I do” here on Koh Tao?