James Thornton

“We have been fortunate to experience an amazing beach wedding at the help of Winnie. We got married twice, once at home and once on Koh Tao. Winnie was always communicative by email, whatsapp and Skype so there was no issue with the distance. The Koh Tao experience was amazing because Winnie did everything, literally everything from picking us up and organising music, chairs, decorations, restaurant , beach license, makeup, flowers, ceremonial ideas like pouring two cups of sand into one (the wives love it) and don’t forget photographers and witnesses. The list of things you need it want is endless and Winnie does it all. And it’s all very well coordinated. The makeup artists come at and do hair and makeup and then the photographer comes too, to capture the moments. All to your hotel room.. then little flowers are delivered for matching bride and groom. These are small details but it’s always the small details that matter. She was even able to get rid of tourists who were in the background of our photos. Which was important to us. Highly recommended and still the first and best service on Koh Tao.” – February 21, 2018