Cristina Steven-Jennings

“Winnie thank you so so much for everything. We had the most perfect day because of you. Thank you so much. It was an absolute pleasure meeting you and your team. What a perfect day! x” – May 3, 2016

“Heeey Winnie How are you? I’m so sorry  I have been useless and have meaning to tell you the biggest biggest thank you to your team and Ally. You are all so wonderful and totally exceeded my expectations. I have just been sent some pics but there are loads so I haven’t even looked through them yet lol.. We miss you all and can’t believe how quick it went.” – May 25, 2016

“Massive thanks to Winnie and her team at AFT wedding and the lovely Allison Dorsey for marrying us. Without Winnie and team none of this would have been possible! Winnie thank you for such a perfect wedding!” – May 27, 2016