Aline Kelkel

“In January 2016 we fell in love with this small magical island and we decided to get married there. After we came back to the cold and snowy Vienna, we found A FairyTao Wedding and after the first email we knew, that Winnie has to plan our wedding.

It was so easy to plan the wedding, we just had to decide which flowers, which colors and where we would like to celebrate your wedding. We booked the Villas Sabai Jai, and we decided to have our reception on that breathtaking terrace. Winnie planned the ceremony at San Daeng Beach, which is very close to the villas, and it was perfect – small, almost lonely and magical. Winnie recommended us Ed the chef and owner of Barracuda Bar. He is an amazing chef, the dinner was the most delicious dinner we ever had.

A few days before we arrived at Koh Tao there was a terrible monsoon, and it was not that easy to get from Chumpon to Koh Tao. We had to delay the wedding 2 days, but Winnie organized everything, and everything worked 2 days later. It was the best decision Winnie could make, two days later the weather was calm, the sun shined the whole day and at night there was that amazing full moon.Thank you all so much for everything, it was our dream come true.” – March 29, 2017
“Our biggest concern – we think it was rain and bad weather. Every time we plan things the weather is terrible on this day. And so it happened the days before our wedding, there was one of the worst monsoons in 20 years. No problem for Winnie and her team, she delayed our wedding 2 days and the weather was perfect.

Favorite part of the wedding – It was the simplicity. It was so easygoing. We just had a few Skype dates with Winnie, sent her some pictures and on our wedding day everything was perfect. It was the wedding we imagined in our dreams, Winnie is the real fairy at a fairy tao wedding.

Beside the fact that our best friends are more traditional than we are, the most of them were with us in Koh Tao. So they met Winnie and her team themselves and they said „we hope we can find a Winnie in Austria, when we plan our wedding“. So we think we would highly recommend Winnie everyone who plans to get married at Koh Tao.

We wouldn’t change a thing afterwords. We had our fairytale wedding on that magical island planned by the outstanding Winnie and her team. Allison, thank you for that charming wedding ceremony, it was like us and we felt so comfortable with you. Dmitri, thank you for our wedding pictures, which captured the magic and the happiness of our wedding day.” – May 11, 2017