Sayaka and Martin’s Wedding in Koh Tao

Sayaka and Martin have lived in Australia for over ten years now. Five years ago they met in Sydney through some mutual acquaintances and they have been in love ever since. They got engaged last year and got in touch with A FairyTao Wedding in January this year.

Martin travelled to Thailand a few times, but neither of them had visited Koh Tao in the past. Visualizing this special day, they were looking for something simple and very intimate. Through a casual conversation, one of their Thai friends in Sydney highly recommended Koh Tao, a place that is hardly known as a wedding destination (and we actually hope it stays that way).

Two weeks after our email communication, we met them both via Skype and learned so much more about them. Saya (we love calling her by this nickname now!) is originally from Japan while Martin is from the Czech Republic. They are a very laid back and easy going couple. Being decisive about what their dream wedding would be, they simply asked for a wedding dress, a stylist for bridal hair and makeup, a great photographer, and a nice dinner on the wedding day, and of course, a secluded and personal vow and ring exchange ceremony as man and wife.

A FairyTao Wedding in Koh Tao ThailandFor this wedding holiday, Saya and Martin’s travel plan has included Koh Tao, Koh Samui, Chiang Mai, Hanoi, Hue, Hoi An, and lastly a trip back to Saya’s hometown in Japan. A FairyTao Wedding has great relationships working closely with many Koh Tao resorts. We arranged these two amazing villas for Saya and Martin’s week long holiday on Koh Tao. We are pleased to know that they loved these two choices we selected for them.

A FairyTao Wedding in Koh TaoHaad Tien Beach Resort is one of the most luxurious beach resort on the island. And Castaway Villa is Haad Tien’s interpretation of the perfect seaside villa. Stunning sea views and located within closest proximity to the Shark Bay beach. During our pre-wedding meeting, Saya was absolutely stunned when she realized her wedding ceremony would be just a few footsteps away from their beach front private villa.

A FairyTao Wedding in Koh Tao ThailandSand between the toes, under the palm trees, Sayaka and Martin exchanged their marriage vows and promises to each other. They celebrated a very memorable day in this paradise, where they just newly discovered. We are pleased to pronounce Sayaka and Martin as husband and wife on Koh Tao. We wish them a lifetime of happiness together.

Here’s a view of our favorite Haad Tien Beach Resort

Venues: Haad Tien Resort & Koh Tao Heights Pool Villas
Photos: Pixy & Nui from Pixy Wedding Photography
Video: Andreas Gutierrez Fiskeseth from Aquatic Images













“So A FairyTao, what do you know?”

We know what happens at EVERY wedding!

Whether it’s a full-service or partial of the wedding day coordination, we know precisely what goes along the timeline.

We know the wedding details and wedding etiquette. You are not sure how to prepare for certain situation, we have answers just like a wedding guru! We even try our best to prepare alternative options in case there’s any minor hiccup =)

We know a logical system and workflow to manage each event. You probably know the next step, but we are already planning the next steps after!

We have the hands-on wedding experience (and we are making every single possible improvement to perfection!)

Happy wedding planning! X

“Why do I need to hire a wedding planner when I know exactly what I want on my wedding?”

A FairyTao Wedding in Koh TaoMany of you have a clear vision of how you want your big day to be. You know who’s on the guest list, how the bridal arch will look like, which particular songs to be played as you walk down the aisle, and what to be served on the wedding reception etc.. However many of you failed to realize that having all these items checked off on the list on the big day is actually the most challenging part. Hence you need a wedding planner to coordinate the logistic and handle the execution.

With 50 guests, it comes with at least 50 chairs arrangement, flute glasses, wine glasses, shot glasses, drinking glasses, sets of serving ware.. The list goes on and on.. And did we mention 50 sets of “dancing shoes”?

A FairyTao Wedding in Koh Tao

Yes, as your wedding planner we take care of all these behind the scene. Because no one else would have a chance to care as much when there’s a great party going on! XX

Some of the things we do that you would never know about..

  1. Grab things the couple/family forgets to buy and/or bring
  2. Fight (respectfully) any vendors for what the couple requested instead of saying it’s “good enough”.
  3. Be the one to take the blame for your decisions that your family members or guests may not like.
  4. Setup a whole entire reception in 10 minutes immediately after the rain
  5. Store your wedding cake in a cool location so it doesn’t melt, and bring it out when it’s time to cut it.
  6. Have a fork, knife, plate, and napkin ready for your cake cutting
  7. Have a damp napkin available during your cake cutting in case you guys decide to smash the cake in your faces.
  8. Physically hold a cake up so it can be cut for photos before toppling to the ground.
  9. Have drinks ready for you and your wedding party right after the ceremony.
  10. Make sure your photographer gets particular photos- namely of things that are important to you.
  11. Steam your linens when they’re super wrinkled.
  12. Take care of drunk guests.
  13. Put your cards and gifts in a safe place.
  14. Make sure correct number of guests (and correct guests) are at each table.
  15. When there is a weird, loud, obtrusive noise that is interrupting the ceremony, go find the source of the noise and request that it holds off for 30 minutes.
  16. Keep things on schedule so you can enjoy as much time dancing as possible.
  17. Tell your photographer when to be ready for toasts and cake cutting so they don’t miss it.
  18. Hold your dress so you can use the restroom while your bridesmaids are drunk
  19. Fix your whole wedding reception when a tornado-like storm blows through and destroys everything when it’s already setup.
  20. A FairyTao Wedding in Koh TaoSafety pin your bustle back together because it likely WILL fall.
  21. Ask guests not to use iPads or iPhones in the middle of the ceremony aisle (because it will ruin your photos).
  22. Setting up chairs (or drying them) at the last moment so the couple can be wed outside (when it had previously rained)
  23. Uncorking all the champagne because the caterer is too slow and it’s 5 minutes until the toast!
  24. Have back up plans on top of back up plans in place, and the ability to think on their feet to remedy a situation!
  25. Sew on buttons for groomsmen .
  26. Create an extra boutonniere(s) when the counts were inaccurate.
  27. Help the bride and bridesmaids get dressed
  28. Keep things going when the power goes out.
  29. Find the extension cord that someone accidentally unplugged, causing half the reception lights to go out.
  30. Find and set extra tables and chairs when people who didn’t RSVP show up.
  31. Signal musicians on when to start songs during ceremony
  32. Keep copies of special songs on their phones just in case you confirmed you have the playlist prepared actually you didn’t.
  33. Help gather/wrangle family for family photos after the ceremony.
  34. Re-fold 150 napkins when the catering staff can’t seem to get it right.
  35. Bus glassware from cocktail tables and ledges when the staff isn’t keeping up.
  36. Bring extra or spare of thing you said you would bring- just in case you forget.
  37. Clean up your reception in the dark, including hauling trash cans and trash bags
  38. Clean up broken glass on the dance floor when everyone is still dancing oblivious to it.
  39. Gather groomsmen and bridesmaid gum on their hand seconds before sending them down the aisle.
  40. Fighting with a wedding venue 2 hours before a wedding to convince them to let a DJ play since they just decided that they no longer want to allow any amplified music at their venue.


We are the expert

We know Koh Tao. If you are seeking for an expert to organize your destination wedding, you have came to the right place. With in-depth knowledge and exclusive insight of this island, we offer specific services that is tailored to those who are visiting Koh Tao or Thailand for the first time.

nkimaricky_thankyou_pngWhile planning is just the first step, execution is the crucial part on the big day. Our planning experience has given us a solid foundation on how to create an effective workflow on every event. Every wedding is uniquely created for the wedding couple. And our confidence is developed thought each one of them. You will be rest assured that your only focus is to enjoy the joyful day with your loved ones.

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