“Why do I need to hire a wedding planner when I know exactly what I want on my wedding?”

A FairyTao Wedding in Koh TaoMany of you have a clear vision of how you want your big day to be. You know who’s on the guest list, how the bridal arch will look like, which particular songs to be played as you walk down the aisle, and what to be served on the wedding reception etc.. However many of you failed to realize that having all these items checked off on the list on the big day is actually the most challenging part. Hence you need a wedding planner to coordinate the logistic and handle the execution.

With 50 guests, it comes with at least 50 chairs arrangement, flute glasses, wine glasses, shot glasses, drinking glasses, sets of serving ware.. The list goes on and on.. And did we mention 50 sets of “dancing shoes”?

A FairyTao Wedding in Koh Tao

Yes, as your wedding planner we take care of all these behind the scene. Because no one else would have a chance to care as much when there’s a great party going on! XX

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